Sometimes, you need a toasting horn!  Whether it's in honor of a loved one, an event, or an accomplishment, toast in style.  The toasting horns fit perfectly in most leather pouches, back pockets, and purses, so no matter how you're dressed, you can always be first to the fight and first to the feast.  


Volume is more than 2 oz to 4 oz


Product Features:

- Handmade (by the best professionals we have at A Curious Kraken)

- All toasting horns are sealed with a food safe epoxy resin. This resin practically elminiates the undesirable odor of a wet horn, and the resin allows you to drink anything less than 150-degrees F.

- Each horn has a unique look and feel. No two horns are the same.

- All natural animal horn.  Please read the Horn 101 section for care.


Note: This is for a toasting horn similar to the ones pictured.  The ones shown in the pictures may not be available, but we will send one that looks similar to it.  

Toasting Horns

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