Drink like you mean it!  Why limit yourself to just wine, beer, and mead?  With our drinking horn, you can drink spirits and mixed drinks, along with iced drinks like sweet tea and iced coffee.  


We are one of the few companies who guarantee a minimum volume for our horn mugs.  While the other guys will just say "regular, large, or extra-large", we go the extra mile and guarantee that our horn mugs will hold a certain volume.  Nothing is more frustrating than cracking open a drink, and the container is too small.  Well, not here at A Curious Kraken.


So order your mug with confidence!


These mugs range in color from all black to a gray and black streak.  No two horn mugs look alike, nad that's what makes them so personal.  



Regular: 18-29 ounces

Large: 30-36 ounces

X-Large: 37+ ounces


Product Features:

- Handmade (by the best professionals we have at A Curious Kraken)

- All horn mugs are sealed with a food safe epoxy resin. This resin practically elminiates the undesirable odor of a wet horn, and the resin allows you to drink anything less than 150-degrees F.

- Each horn mug has a unique look and feel. No two horn mugs are the same.

- All natural animal horn.  Please read the Horn 101 section for care.


Note: This is for one horn mug similar to the ones pictured.  The ones shown in the pictures may not be available, but we will send one that looks similar to it.  

Horn Mugs