A Curious Kraken, Company is the end result of two guys saying "Why not?" to a series of crazy and funny ideas.  Some of them were bad, some of them very bad, and some of them were so bad that they will never be repeated... but all of them were funny. 


Our goal is to provide nostalgic and original products to a world that desperately needs to laugh.  Our insanity has pushed us on this meandering path from the depths of our minds to the forefront of reality. 

Here at A Curious Kraken (or "ACK!" as one of us likes to say), we do whatever seems like a good idea at the time. 


Sometimes we make youtube videos of DIY automotive repair and DIY mead making.  (We do not recommend doing them at the same time.)


Sometimes we go to comic cons and festivals and sell drinks and funny stuff.  (We do recommend doing them at the same time.)


Sometimes we actually do some real artisan stuff and make drinking horns and blowing horns and beeswax candles.  (Buy our stuff!)

But whatever the case, we can guarantee that we follow our official unofficial motto "Because we can."

So take a look around.  Our schedule is updated as we get confirmation of our acceptance at events, and we are most active on Facebook.  And if you feel really ambitious, join our e-mail group.  We send out about 1-2 e-mails a month.  Yeah, we hate spam mail, too, so we limit it.  

Thanks again and enjoy,

The A Curious Kraken Team

About Us

So want to learn more about us?  OK, but don't say we didn't warn you.  

Michael McCracken has an obscure engineering degree from a tiny college in New York that you never knew existed.  He is a Jack-of-All-Trades who is able to recall obscure and useless trivia at a moment's notice.  In his extremely limited (almost nonexistent) free time, he enjoys cosplaying at comic cons, shopping at thrift stores, and searching for his sanity.

Michael Long is an HVAC specialist who does not make house calls unless it's his house.  He's also a self-taught mechanic who has worked on more cars than he can remember.  When he's not pondering life's greatest mysteries (like, why are people who tell the truth all the time called jerks?) he enjoys be left alone to take a nap.  Seriously, don't mess with nap time.